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merging of two law firms

Cooper Manley & Associates asked me to help out on their re-branding project. Branding can include logo, website, business cards, letterhead, signs, social media, attending events, print ads, television ads and so on.

branding, logo design

The positive image a law firm hopes to project includes trust, strength, credibility and power. Connecting these qualities to a typographic logo design using the science of color, led me to choose a traditional dark blue color (shocker!) and the Impact font. Reversing the “M” to white gave the design a bit of an edge.  I also wanted to play with an idea I had to combine both the basic versions of logo shapes needed in most branding applications — the square “CMA” and the rectangle “Cooper Manley & Associates”.  I separated them with a bar, played with the ampersand and the result was a strong, simple and memorable wordmark.

mobile-friendly responsive design

The attorneys wanted several calls to action, especially on the mobile version and I think I achieved that. Visitors can click on the phone number and call the number.  I think if a “responsive” design doesn’t have that capability, it’s not doing a good job with conversions.

Online client forms

This feature allows visitors to the site to get the important details of their case reviewed.  The attorney receives notification that the form has been completed online, can immediately review the information submitted and respond by phone if the client indicates they’d like a phone call to discuss the legal issues they’re facing.

We brought Penny in three years ago to digitize, modernize and organize our law office files. Her paralegal background and understanding of marketing and streamlining procedures made all the difference for us. When we were ready to shift our marketing and practice areas, we asked her to help us on a full branding and marketing solution. She’s the best!

Ronnie Cooper

Attorney At Law, Cooper Manley & Associates

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