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Our team won first place in our web development class’ group project.  Thanks to my team members, Cory Anderson, Matt Bacon and Ryan Tate (Team Heli Ski), we aced the design, development and implementation of a fictional company’s website selling custom snowboards to the thrill-seeking adventurers who jump out of helicopters and snowboard down the most pristine and dangerous places on earth.

My initial idea was to be sure and stay in the adrenaline junky subject matter that I knew would appeal to my team mates. “If there’s a GoPro video about it”, I thought, “it’s worth consideration”. I mean, if we’re going to go to all the trouble to build an entire functioning website only as an assignment, why not make it interesting?

At first I thought about a site selling conventional snow boards because I wanted a concept for our site that would be image and video rich.  As soon as I began researching boards, I found the fringe helicopter snowboarding community and had so much fun exploring the sport and the equipment.  That’s when I developed our “products” tailored just for heli skiing: the HeliSki X (our original design) and HeliSki Xii, our “new woodies”, that, as the website will tell you:

“…are designed primarily as a powder surfer or to be used with 4×4 pattern bindings. These boards SLAY the flats. You’ll be rocking turns when your friends are skooching and wallowing around in the powder. The long, shallow nose enables them to get up to speed much faster than classic freestyle decks, and stay afloat in the driest fluff.”

I didn’t know what the heck all that really meant, but it was fun researching the lingo of the shred culture.

Once I’d gotten buy-in for the concept from my group (all guys – of course they liked the concept!), I decided to test-run Photoshop’s web design workflow.  I’d heard that the new web asset generator was kick-ass – and it was.  Once I assembled my page mockup, I simply saved the file to Creative Cloud and provided the link to my team members.  Cory already had the shell together by the time I finished the design.  Then he and Ryan got to work coding.

The key to designing in Photoshop for the web is getting the layers on point. It was a real test for me because I tend to get crazy in Photoshop and just go ape-shit creating and don’t think about organization.


Photoshop Layer Organization



Never heard of heli skiing? I wouldn’t leave you hanging. Check out the videos below: 

Do I hear “bucket list”?

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