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Selecting a Background

The right background has the correct perspective or view angle in relation to the original image and should look as though it fits with the local landmarks and geography. I like the backgrounds below, but none were right for this project. The background I chose (right) has the perfect perspective and I could picture our Tahoe in a late night pursuit — chasing through the dark and wet backstreets of Opelika, finally overtaking the subject underneath the I-85 on-ramp.

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The Original Image

This photo was shot in bright daylight around noon with the angle of the light coming straight down.  I used that to my advantage since at night, the light will be coming from the street lights above and I had a lot of high shine to work with. The busy background made cutting the SUV out of it’s background a challenge. Another challenge was the reflection of the trees on the hood and reflections in the back glass.

Inspiration from Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Watch Aaron Nace

Turn on the High Beams in Photoshop


Want your ride pimped?

This cool Creative Commons image background thanks to Pixabay